There are currently no rabbits for sale.



Upcoming Litters

Hazelnut’s Bella x Fluff ‘N Stuff’s Luke
Breeding Date: 3/8/16
Due Date: approx. 4/8/16

Ella x Romeo
Breeding Date: 2/8/16
Due Date: approx. 3/8/16

Hazenut’s Ruby x Hazelnut’s Chase
Breeding Date: 2/8/16
Due Date: approx. 3/8/16



Sales Policy

Before inquiring please reasearh as much as you can about rabbits(articles/books about rabbits) or contact me for information about rabbits(you can ask any question about rabbits)



– Please email me with your name, city and which rabbit you are inquiring about

Payment & Holding

-We accept PayPal and cash as payment

-Rabbits can be held if the buyer wants, there is a 15$ non-refundable holding fee for 2 weeks and 10$ each week afterwards (4 weeks maximum for holding)

–  If you inquire about a rabbit and we have no other inquiries about him/her it can be held for a week(for free) otherwise a holding fee will be needed to ensure that the rabbit is yours

– NO REFUNDS! (Unless under certain circumstances)

– We reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason


No visitors are allowed at the Rabbitry for safety reasons, the rabbits can become sick from contact with somebody that may have a disease on their hands/clothing.

– Rabbits will be picked up at an arranged public place(more than likely closer to us in our town)

– Please bring a cardboard box, pet carrier or show carrier with hay for transportation  (A rabbit would prefer this rather than being on your lap as travel is already stressed)

– We DO NOT ship rabbits.

– I will be able to transport a rabbit to a show that I am attending, but a 50% deposit must be made (this would be half the price of the rabbit) unless there is a holding fee already on the rabbit


– We have a 48 hour heath guarantee, you can get a full refund (holding fee not included) (See guarantees for more details)

– NO refunds for any other reason except the one stated above

– If you can no longer keep the rabbit we will always take them back, we can also help with rehoming


– No rabbit will be sold under the age on of 8 weeks so the rabbit can have the best chance at life

– All rabbits will be heathly to the best of our knowledge but it is still the buyers responsibility to look the rabbit over before leaving

-We cannot guarantee the rabbit will win at shows or be a good breeder (even if they have produced good offspring for us before/ have been good mothers)

– 48 hour health guarantee, if a rabbit gets sick from something besides too much stress (ie: over handling), kids, pets, something not reccomened in the rabbits diet,we will give a full refund


-It is your responsibility to do the research on a rabbit, please do so, also make sure you can care for the rabbit their entire life(which can be 8-10 years) but if at any time you cannot care for the rabbit we will always take them back if you want

– All rabbits come with a pedigree  (unless other wise stated) or a family history sheet that is to the best of my knowledge, a baggie of rabbit feed for transitions (I recommend mixing it half and half with the new feed) and a care sheet based on their breed

The sales policy can change at any time without notice, we will follow the sales policy to the letter, even if you haven’t read it.

~ Lexia Price

Owner of Apple Orchard Rabbitry