Have you ever seen your rabbit gnawing on the hutch/cage bars? if so then your rabbit might be bored, rabbits get bored just like we do and a great way to help cure that is by providing toys for your rabbit(s)! If you have a large scale Rabbitry then your probably thinking “well to provide all of my rabbits with toys I’m probably going to have to spend thousands of dollars”, wrong! In fact you have rabbit toys in your house right now! Ya know those toilet paper tubes that get thrown away? or the paper towel tubes? rabbits love to play with them! you can cut a cardboard tube up into 8-10 rings and put them all together and you have a rabbit toy! if you don’t have cardboard tubes right now then even some hay helps, the rabbits love to dig in it, below is instructions and toy ideas that you can either buy or make with household items. Also if you don’t use a lot of toilet paper rolls you can always ask neighbors or family, I ask my family members and I think that they think I’m crazy Lol

Card Board Balls

Cardboard Tube
Treat (optional)

Step 1: flatten cardboard tube so it is easier to cut up the tube
Step 2: Cut up the tube into 8-10 rings
Step 3: Place them inside of each other criss-cross style to form a ball
Step 4: Add the rest of the rings onto the ball (this step is kind of tricky)
Step 5: Add a treat such as banana chips or raspberries (optional)


Baby Toys

Ya know those baby toy rings that you see at the dollar store for a buck? those would work perfectly, they are only about a dollar and they will keep your rabbit happy!

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(These photos belong to Holly’s Hollands Rabbitry, I do not own them, here is a link to their page if you want to check them out! http://hollyshollands.weebly.com/ )

Cardboard Boxes work great as a hidey-house or a box to gnaw on, certain branch bunnies can gnaw on, apple and willow can be used, I think apple has to be dried out for three months, but willow you can give to them right away, they love the bark and it helps wear down their teeth so they don’t overgrow, just don’t give them too much at a time (I’m not sure if it will hurt them but just to be safe) also blocks of untreated work are good toys! Newspaper works good you can use it for bedding/digging or you can give your rabbit a whole sheet and they can tear it up as they wish! (don’t use the shiny newspaper just the regular stuff)

If you rabbit is still bored after giving him/her toys consider getting another rabbit, rabbits like a social life too, if you have a unfixed buck that you are using for breeding, a fixed male might be a good idea, if you have tons of rabbits and can’t afford to tons of unfixed rabbits then letting your rabbit run around outside of their hutch/cage with help keep them occupied, if the rabbit can dig in the dirt and get some exercise for about 1 hour a day they should be less bored. Hope this helps! if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below! Thank you for reading this post!