Well I am officially convinced that my rabbit is hulk or superman! He keeps pushing his hidey box on its side! This is wood and it is kinda heavy especially for a 5lb (maybe six I’m not sure I haven’t weighed him yet) rabbit! “Normal bunny when human is around super bunny when human is gone!” And I also have a super jumping rabbit! Lbb is jumping almost three feet!!!! He is jumping from a stand that i have ontop of Lucy’s cage which is a three foot jump!!! Might as well just form a super bunny team! I think white socks will be the leader on the team, lbb definetly can’t be the leader as he gets very sidetracked! Why white socks deserves the job, he was being chased by lbb (lbb was trying to neuter him) and lbb got sidetracked and started digging in a soft spot in the ground and then white socks jumped up on the deck and after lbb finished his digging he started searching for white sox and he went right passed him and didn’t see him so he thought “hmm maybe he went to the other side” so lbb went to the other side and didn’t even notice white sox again, then while lbb was searching white sox jumped down and hopped over towards lbb but lbb was either A) too hungry, B) didn’t care or C) too worn out. Well I think that’s pretty good for this post! What do you think the name of my super bunny team should be? What should the bunnies super hero names be? Who should be on the squad? Please tell us your answer in the comments!

L.b.b. and Chicks! 007                            L.b.b. and Chicks! 010